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DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARAKAI KAN FOUNDATIONis a modern style, with a new and dynamic approach to training. Although modern, it retains the positive aspects of traditional karate, such as Kata and Kihon and of course, discipline. The Kata's are all fighting oriented and more importantly, functional. These along with the Kihon are practiced in a practical and effective fashion.The DBSKAKKF has been launched with an objective to provide quality and affordable karate training to national and international karatekas.

DBSKAKKF is a unique organization, which will create only ‘quality karatekas’ by imparting international level Karate training. In these years, we have seen many great karatekas give-up their passion for karate for the sole reason of high monetary requirements to grow in this field internationally. Hence, the DBSKAKKF promises to impart international level quality karate education, since our main motto is to enhance the spirit of martial artists. The DBSKAKKF will follow and award all the training, belts, camps, grading as per international standards removing the biggest barrier of high fee structures, or international travel for all its members.

This organization is registered from Government of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and the register number is E9506/15/T.

Due to the fact that DADI BULSARA’S KARATEASHIHARA KAI KAN FOUNDATION is an organization which has not become bound by traditions, KAICHO SRINIVAS RAO and members of the Technical Advisory Committee, has been able to take full advantage of the freedom to make changes and improvements. The training methods have been greatly improved and the old style basics have been replaced by training methods in consultation with Sports Scientist, which give better results, in a much shorter time.

In a short space of time, DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARAKAI KAN FOUNDATION has spread to many other State in India, and more and more people are showing interest in joining the Organization. The Organization is of high standard, and it is the intention to keep it as harmonious and devoid of political intrigues as possible.

Hereinafter KAICHO SRINIVAS RAO has been awarded with 8th Dan Black belt & as well as The Director And Chief Controller OfDADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARAKAI KAN FOUNDATION

Mrs. Pooja Bulsara
(President )
Kaicho Srinivas Rao
( Vice President )
Shihan Dinesh Singh
( Secretary )
Saiko Shihan Samir Bagga
( Treasurer )
Shihan Pravin Kumar
( Joint Secretary )
Saiko Shihan Shailesh Bodiwala
( Joint Treasurer )


DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAI KAN FOUNDATION is an organization operated by and dedicated to the service and advancement of its members and offers the following benefits to Schools and Martial Artists.Here are the benefits and importance of the martial arts in the real life. DBSAKKF is one of the most well-known martial arts and is a great choice for basic self-defense and exercise. It’s utilizes strikes, blocks, evasion, throws, and manipulations of the joints. Practicing karate can help improve your decision-making and sense of balance in life. DBSKAKKF also has many competitive outlets for those interested. There are classes for people of all ages, and all skill levels.

  • Direct access to KaichoSRINIVAS RAO and his designee's. He has held numerous clinics throughout the world in the last few years and will do more in the near future.
  • Continual guidance in technique and tradition by Kaicho and the Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Access to important International Ashihara figures throughout the world.
  • Knowledge that your instruction is of the highest quality due to the requirements for instructor certification.
  • Standardization of technique throughout every member dojo as regulated by the Technical Advisory Committee -maintenance of purity of the art.
  • High standard for promotion which means that each students rank is accepted and respected world-wide by other martial artists.
  • Unity and strength which is gained by membership in a highly respected common interest group. Strength of the group serves to strengthen the individual and his/her self-image.
  • Provision of an organized structure and centre for the further development of DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAI KAN FOUNDATION in member countries.
  • The dissemination of printed matter like syllabus, kata guide, training manual, teaching manual, black belt manual, tournament rules, and other educational literature to further the aims of DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAI KAN FOUNDATION.
  • Comprehensive Video Training Tapes covering all aspects of DBSKAKKF, including Kihon, Kata, Self Defence, Refereeing, etc.
  • Assistance in training, teaching, testing, rank promotion, advertising and business management.
  • Regular training camps and tournaments in India.
  • Cross training opportunities in other Martial Arts.
  • Coaching and Refereeing Awards for Instructors.
  • Grading and Proficiency Awards.
  • Membership book, to identify you as a student of DBSKAKKF, showing your rank, tournament achievements and seminar attendance.
  • The DBSKAKKF offers many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, becoming a true martial artist means becoming a supremely fit person. A person by practicing martial arts will be healthy too (which even stops lot of diseases to affect the body). By practicing martial arts a people became more active, he or she could easily order their body parts from the brain to work instantly. This will not only increase activeness in the fight but in other aspects also.
  • A person who is practicingDadiBulsara’s karate can be seen being more self-confident and self-respected, as his or her master makes him or her feel confident that you can do it! The rise of self-confidence starts from the training when a martial artist enters the fight and beats the opponent; this automatically boosts his or her confident level and they think that “If I could beat him or her, why can’t I do the things which look harder to me.” In this sense it with enhancing and increasing self-confidence as well as self-respect also.
  • This is the one of the most important reason people learn karate to learn to offend in defend; the person will learn to offend and defending himself [self-defense]. Kumite decides the belt value of a martial artist, a perfectkumite and Katas the belt valued more. In other sense it can also be called as ‘grading system’, this grading system not only increases the inner potential of the martial artist but motivate him or her to move forward in other aspects of life by grabbing more opportunities in the life which are best for them.
  • A Karateka of DBSKAKKF always respects his or her master. A martial artist is punctual to the classes, so in real life too he will be punctual in other aspects of going to college, school, etc. Respecting master motivates him to respect all the elders and teachers.
  • A Karateka of DBSKAKKF always focus on his or her work, on his or her practice which will let the person focus a lot of things in other aspects of life too like focusing in work and studies. A true Karatekas always a responsible person who don’t ignore the things but stands on it and takes responsibilities, in the sense he or she will be more responsible person in their lives. Finally, it comes to the Teamwork; there is a practice in Martial Arts [Karate] which is called as ‘Team Katas‘. In this team kata the student will learn how to perform with others; this also increases his or her communication skills with other but let him or her learn how to work in team later.


DadiBulsara’sKarate training means ENDLESS REPETITION. This is the only means to efficiency. There is no shortcut to progress so work with all your strength and sprit when you train.DadiBulsara’sKarate training is the ultimate combination of a total body workout and a self development program that teaches life-saving self defense skills-all rolled into one. The martial arts are changes more than just your body- it can change your life.

To aid the novice, the progression of learning is as follows:-

Position:- Stance
Balance:- Control of position
Co-ordination:- Control of balance and position in technique.
Form:- Performing the above correctly.
Speed:- Increase the rate of performance without loss of form.
Power:- Strengthening the technique.
Reflex:- The technique becomes a natural movements.

Training in theDadiBulsara’sKarate can do more than just help you learn to defend yourself: it can help you reach yours fitness goals by offering these physical benefits

Cardiovascular Health:-DadiBulsara’sKarate training require constant movement, which is great for your heart and your cardiovascular system.

Weight Loss: DadiBulsara’sKarate training can help you shed any extra pounds you’re carrying. The best part about it; you’re more likely to stick with a weight loss program if you actually enjoy the workouts.

Increased Strength: DadiBulsara’sKarate classes use calisthenics and other body-weight exercises as part of a warm-up or cool-down, which can increase your strength.

Improved Reflexes: To compete in DadiBulsara’sKarate you will need to perform various movements, defenses and attacks quickly; what is not obvious is that these speedy reflexes can also translate into other parts of your life. Faster reflexes can help with driving, sports, and many other areas where you need to react quickly to your environment.

DadiBulsara’sKarate are not just about getting stronger or losing weight; martial arts training can also help improve your mind. Here are some of the mental benefits associated with training in martial arts:

Focus: DadiBulsara’sKarate teach you to focus on your body and your actions, while tuning out distractions. This can translate directly into the rest of your life and allow you to stay more focused on the things you need to get done.

Discipline:-DadiBulsara’sKarate teach you to control your emotions and impulses, and require great discipline and years of training to become proficient,.

Confidence:Gaining new skills, being part of a team, and improving your focus and self-defense can all lead to increased confidence.

Stress Relief: Letting out your aggression on a punching bag or opponent can help relieve some stress, but that is not the only way that martial arts help keep stress at bay. DadiBulsara’sKarate teach you to slow down and take things one step at a time; they teach you to accomplish one task completely and then move onto the next instead of taking everything on at once.

DadiBulsara’sKarate is the only program that strengthens all aspects of your health and fitness, makes you mentally stronger and teaches you how to protect yourself and your loved ones – and it has been for thousands of years. It is the best-kept secret of total body functional fitness for adults in the world.Self defense training is one of the best total body workouts on the planet. Most people start to feel the difference immediately and see physical changes in their bodies within weeks. What most people don’t realize (and can’t see) are the physiology improvements to their internal systems.

Improve Heart Health: When taught properly, self defense instruction is physically challenging. The way you move when learning or practicing in DadiBulsara’sKarate varies from otherstyle, but generally the type of exercise is almost identical to interval training. These short, intense bursts of movement and exertion, followed by periods of lower intensity performance are medically proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase your heart health.

Reduce Systemic Inflammation: Systemic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and other age-related chronic conditions. Regular physical training releases anti-inflammatory substances that are naturally created by the body. Excess insulin and blood glucose is also inflammatory to the system, so the more you exercise and regulate your insulin and blood sugar levels, the lower your overall systemic inflammation.

Lower Cholesterol:DadiBulsara’sKarate classes help lower your cholesterol in a couple ways. First, losing weight helps lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels by stimulating enzymes that move the LDL from your blood to your liver, where it is processed and removed from your system. Next, exercise increases the size of the protein particles that carry cholesterol in your blood, referred to as “lipoproteins”. The smaller lipoproteins are the ones that are bad for you as they can get lodged in the nooks and crannies of your cardiovascular system. Strenuous exercise helps increase the size profile of your blood lipids to the larger, healthier size.

Lower your Blood Pressure: Along with lowering your cholesterol, self defense training helps lower your blood pressure, too.Your heart is a muscle and just like every other muscle in your body, the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. The stronger your heart the more blood it can pump with less effort and less effort equals a lower blood pressure. For people who already have healthy blood pressure levels, karate lessons can help maintain your blood pressure levels as you age by keeping your weight in check and keeping your heart in tip-top shape.

Regulate Glucose And Insulin Levels:Diabetes and other diseases are linked to levels of glucose, insulin and systemic inflammation.Insulin is a hormone that acts like a “key” that unlocks your cells and allows glucose (blood sugar) into your cells to be used for energy. Your body breaks down everything you eat and drink into glucose, then releases it into your system where it floats around, looking for cells that need energy. Insulin is created in your pancreas; when glucose is created by your system, your body tells your pancreas to secrete the correct amount of insulin to go with the glucose created.Problems start when your body either makes too much or not enough insulin to process your blood glucose. If left untreated, this can lead to type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Strenuous physical exercise helps insulin transport the blood glucose into your cells, regulating your insulin and blood sugar levels.

Boost Endurance: We mentioned earlier that self defense training is intense, very similar to interval training. One of the things that is unique to martial arts is that you get this sort of intense, interval-like training – for thirty to sixty minutes per session. This supercharges your fitness levels as not only to do you condition your short-term performance levels, but you greatly increase your endurance, too. Your body has to adapt to short, intense periods of exercise with brief periods of lower intensity, but done over a long period of time. With your increased endurance comes the ability to stay focused longer, have steady energy throughout your day and no more of those afternoon energy crashes or feelings of exhaustion at the end of a busy day.

Develop Rock-Hard Muscle Tone: When training, everything you do revolves around you using every ounce of your body weight to move and perform your techniques. This type of total body training is very similar to bodyweight calisthenics, which have been used for centuries by the military and athletes to get in supreme condition. Physical training that builds giant muscles that cramp up when you attempt to run across the parking lot doesn’t do you much good – although you may look great. Karate training builds lean, functional muscle that is the perfect combination of strength, speed, size and endurance.

Develop Animal-Like Flexibility: There is a saying in the martial arts about flexibility; “A tree that is unbending is easily broken.”As adults get older, we begin to naturally lose flexibility. If we exercise over the years without working on flexibility our muscles, tendons and ligaments shorten, causing tightness throughout the body. This can lead to problems with balance, range of motion in our joints, pain, lack of mobility and injuries.Unlike other fitness programs, martial arts develop your flexibility as you are training, instead of having separate movements specifically designed to increase your range of motion. Because self defense training teaches you how to protect yourself in various situations using your entire body, your body learns to perform in all directions, on all planes of movement and through full ranges of motion. The more your train, the more fluid and smooth your movements become, like an animal in the wild. Strong, but relaxed and explosive.

Improve Balance: Improving your balance happens when you practice going through the full planes of movement – forward, back, side-to-side and rotational. If you don’t practice working on your balance, it will deteriorate. As we age, becoming unsteady on our feet can lead to falls and serious injury – even death. Like we mentioned earlier in the section on flexibility, martial arts training constantly takes you through these planes as a byproduct of performing the techniques. More than one martial artist can tell you how training helped them prevent getting injured when they tripped or stumbled over something and was able to regain balance quickly before falling.Another skill you learn is how to fall properly in the event you trip, are thrown or tackled. Learning how to fall correctly can be a life-saver and be the difference between simply getting up off the ground or suffering a serious injury.

Melt Away Stubborn Body Fat: Getting rid of stubborn body fat is one of the biggest surprises people get when studying the martial arts. While the focus of training is NOT looking good in your skinny jeans or getting into those clothes that you used to wear when you were twenty pounds lighter, students discover that after a month or two of training, their bodies are changing.According to medical studies published in the journal of obesity, the type of exercise done while training in the martial arts burns 36% more body fat then regular aerobic exercise. This training is the most effective method of burning subcutaneous fat (the cottage-cheese fat directly under your skin, like on your love handles, thigh or buttocks). It also stimulates the release of growth hormone, which helps to continue fat burning even after your training session.

Skyrocket Your Metabolism: Another hidden benefit of martial arts training is the increase in your metabolism. When you are increasing your lean muscle mass, burning fat and building your endurance, you naturally rev up your metabolism. Students often report that they can eat as much or more than they used to eat in the past and still lose fat because their metabolisms are burning calories as fast as they consume them.

Mental Toughness & Focus:When you challenge yourself to do something you have never done before – and you do it – not only do you feel better about yourself but you develop mental toughness and focus.This mental toughness is a form of courage; it is the ability to recognize and acknowledge the butterflies in your stomach when you are afraid of something, facing a challenge or doubting yourself – but getting yourself to take action anyway. It is knowing you can handle anything that comes your way, no matter what.When you are taking your martial arts class, your mind has to be one hundred percent focused on the task at hand. Because of the physical and mental demands of this kind of training it is almost impossible to think about work, family or anything else. The more you train the stronger your mental focus becomes, making it easier for you to get things done at work and at home.

Unshakeable Self Confidence: The most powerful and life-changing benefit of the martial arts comes as a byproduct of the demanding physical training and learning to protect yourself – confidence.As you see and feel your body change, you feel better about yourself and how you look. Knowing that you have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones gives you a sense of calm and power. When you feel better about yourself, you stand up a little straighter, smile a little more and are more relaxed. You handle the pressures of family and work better, have more energy to tackle daily challenges and have the feeling that no matter what happens, you can handle it.

The Ultimate Self Development Program: When you look at all the benefits of martial arts training, it is hard to find another activity that even comes close. While there are other fitness routines or hobbies that deliver some of the benefits, there isn’t one that delivers what the martial arts does – on top of providing skills that can save your life or the lives of your loved ones.



Belt Kanji 1
1. The name of the style on the backside of the gi/uniform in English

Belt Kanji 2
1. The name of the style on the backside of the gi/uniform in English

Belt Kanji 3
2. On the left sleeve there is a DBSKAKKF logo in English and Japanese language

Belt Kanji

4. On the right side and lower of the gi logo of DBSKAKKF. (Only for Dan)

We have categorized Uniform/Gi in our organization.

Category Embroideries/ Sticker Back Side Logo (left sleeve) Kanji
ALL SHIHANS All embroideries. Black Color Black and Red Black On the right side and lower of the gi logo of DBSKAKKF
ALL INSTRUCTOR All embroideries Dark Blue Color Dark Blue and Red Dark Blue
ALL STUDENTS:- Only Sticker Not Required Dark Blue and RedDark Blue


The belts are symbols of what to expect from our Training as much as rewards for your efforts. That should act as inspiration and guidance, with progression, one should become aware of the significance of each level, and strive to manifest its nature in both your karate technique and your attitude in daily life.

As a way of further understanding the sense in which the belt color are meant to reflect growth in character as much as growth is technique, a possible interpretation of the symbolism of belt colors are included. THE WHITE BELT:-White belt is the symbol of purity. The new student at white belt level is said to be pure, heart is full of hope, with dedication hole life can be changed, because he/she is completely ignorant of the requirements of the art and utterly lacking in experience of it. The white belt symbolizes the potential of the new student to achieve the other grades.

THE BLUE BELT:- Water adapts and reacts fluidly. Blue belt is the color of the sky and of the ocean. The blue belt shows one whose aspirations have begun to expand to the horizon, improved strength, train with energetic vigor, one whose spirit is beginning to have the depth of the sea but one yet resists his resolve to explore that depth. Stability and control of the body, correct posture, power and progress are built on a solid foundation.

THE YELLOW BELT:-Yellow or gold color of the sun, the color of light, the color of new found riches. Yellow belts fire the power generated from a centered body, now awareness, perception and assertion begin. The yellow belt indicate one for whom the light of the new day has begun to shine. It is the color for one whose spirit, understanding and skill are dawning.

THE GREEN BELT:- Green is the color of growth, the color of the grass and of the forests. The green belt in patience and humility will the balance be found, a new strength and the way forward. The green belt reflects one who has begun to absorb the light, one whose skill and spirit has started to blossom and the bear fruit.

THE BROWN BELT:- Brown is the color of the earth, the color of solidity. The brown belt creativity and sensitivity and reflect the training and self realization. The brown belt expresses one whose technique has become competent, whose mind is fertile and whose spirit is firm. To many, the black belt is a sign that one has mastered the art of karate. However, holding a black belt, while a very impressive accomplishment, does not mean that one has reached the upper echelons of karate skills. Once a person tests into the black belt rank, there are still 10 levels that must be accomplished before he will get his final belt.

DAN BELTS Prior to getting your black belt, you must climb the ranks through the 10 "kyu" levels. The first five levels, or ranks, are signified with colored belts: white, orange, red, yellow, and green. The sixth and seventh levels are signified with a purple belt, and the eighth through tenth levels are represented with a brown belt. After your last brown belt, you'll achieve your first black belt, or dan belt. Your first degree black belt earns you the title of "sempai" or assistant teacher. While this may seem like the end of the journey, it's the beginning of a new one. There 10 dan levels or black belt degrees to achieve. All 10 dan levels require continuous training.





Each level of dan, along with the numerical designation, has a name. The first through fifth levels of dan are designated, respectively, Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yodan and Godan. Each of these levels is achieved through continual training; it can take upwards of many years of study and practice to reach the fifth level of dan.


Black belt dan levels six through nine are named, in order, Rokudan, Shichidan, Hachidan and Kyuudan. These levels of dan include continued practice of your martial art skills as well as the practice of the tenets of the martial arts for the betterment of mankind. These tenets include secrecy, humility of the heart, courtesy in all matters, charity in giving, high moral character, martyrdom -- or sacrifice directed to the right causes -- unconquerable spirit and certain victory. All in all, getting to a ninth level black belt can take up to 40 more years of training and following of the martial arts tenets.


Achieving the final dan level of Jyudan is an exceptional accomplishment. You must first gain your ninth dan belt and then be chosen by a group of ninth- and eighth-degree belt holders for the final belt. Tenth-degree black belts are chosen from a larger group of high-ranking black belts as means of establishing a hierarchy within the art, according to the DADI BULSAR’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAIKAN FOUNDATION.