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Kancho Dadi Bulsara

Full contact karate in India owes its existence to one man’s efforts. He was credited with introducing full contact karate in india. He was Shihan Dadi Bulsara now KANCHO DADI BULSARA. Kancho Dadi Bulsara is the founder and Grand master of DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAIKAN FOUNDATION

Kancho Dadi bulsara was the founder of the DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAIKAN FOUNDATION. Kancho Dadi Bulsara was a 10th degree black belt with over 48 years of experience in practicing and teaching in the martial arts. An expert in use of oriental weapons, Kancho Dadi Bulsara has given numerous martial arts lectures and demonstrations in many states in India and also abroad.

Kancho Dadi Bulsara is born in Mumbai Maharastra, on October 10, 1942 in the tiny village of Mumbai, in India. His father Late Homi Bulsara, was the retired from the Indian army. As a young child, 05 years of age, Kancho Dadi Bulsara began studying at Mumbai. After completed his matriculation he joined merchant navy.

In 1957 at the young age of fifteen, he wanted to serve the country he now called home and therefore joined India’s merchant navy Academy with the intentions of becoming a captain. He completed his higher education from the collage of Indian navy. After completion of 43 years of service he retired from merchant navy as the post of captain. After retired from navy he served in anti terrorism squad. During the service he continued his karate practice and training.

In 1966 KANCHO DADI BULSARA trained personally Sosai Mas Oyama in Kyokushin style. In 1966, late Sensei Weilgama of Sri Lanka and Kancho Dadi Bulsara both were opened kyokushin karate branches in their country, they who were the first Japanese qualified karate instructor in Sri Lanka and India. He is appointed Branch Chief of Kyokushin kai India by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. At the time, he was the youngest Kyukushin student in India, to receive the black belt.

It is so who inspired to make karate his lifelong dedication, his own challenges, and develops his own achievement and victories. He would start the training in the morning, running up. He increased his strength and cardio. In addition he performed Sabaki technique and thousand of repetitions of basic techniques, continuously pushing himself to the limits of endurance. During the training and practice he participated many times national and international tournaments with his achievements. He has brought the amazing balance of compassion and discipline to the practice. This comes from many years of training in martial arts.

In 1978, KANCHO DADI BULSARA officiated at the 10th all Japan championship where Ninomiya Shihan became the champion. Being impressed by his performance Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara knowing of his determined attitude, he was invited to the Ashihara honbu wherever he switched to Ashihara kai kan in 1983. He visited Japan on a regular basis and was the highest graded foreigner under Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara. After many years of hard works and dedication, Ashihara karate has spread all over India. KANCHO DADI BULSARA wanted to bring the spirit and technique of real karate to this country. In 1983 Kancho Dadi bulsara withdrew from kyukushin karate due to some politics. Then after KANCHO DADI BULSARA joined to Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara and other Japanese masters. After a long training stint in Japan, KANCHO DADI BULSARA was appointed the country representative and for many years developed the style of in India.

In 2014, KANCHO DADI BULSARA established his own style; DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAIKAN FOUNDATION with the help of KAICHO SRINIVAS RAO and committee members includes many branch chiefs, which reflected his own beliefs about the true meaning of karate. It is several changes were brought to the Ashihara kai Kan and Kyokushin karate, as well as a complete emphasis on self defense.

Today’s KANCHO DADI BULSARA is the Grand master of DADI BULSARA’S KARATE ASHIHARA KAI KAN FOUNDATION and its growing network of school throughout the India and the World. He feels a strong personal commitment to maintaining a close organization and offering his logical, practical system of karate to anyone who is interested in what it has to offer. Kancho Dadi Bulsara was a living legend until he passed away September 01, 2017, at the age of 75 years. Over 1000 people attended his funeral.